This week’s Fan of the Week is Robert Stan Smith. Here is his Ole Miss story:

My wife and I didn’t meet at Ole Miss, we met at MGCCC. I came to Ole Miss a full semester before her, but I drove home to Ocean Springs, MS every other weekend that semester to see her. The very next semester she transferred up and we were a true Rebel couple at last. I had wanted to attend Ole Miss since I was 6. Our high school was Rebels and I was to young to know the difference. So, without any other reason, a fan was born. In 2004 I proposed to Alison on the 50 yard line of the Egg Bowl before the game. Robert Kayat helped me make it appear as though we had won a pregame tour of the stadium. I had our families in the stands and she didn’t even know they were in town. Thirty minutes pregame, we walked out onto the middle of the 50 yard line, the stands beginning to fill with people, and the guide asked me to do the microphone check, and the the rest is history. We were married in 2006, and we are still married today, both alumni, and this year we had our brick made for the Forward Together campaign.

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